World Water Day – Screened Burning Water, Fractured Earth at TRU

Hosted Philosophers’ Café 6 times throughout the year on topics as diverse as ‘Should Prostitution be legalized? to ‘What is Fairness?’

Started a “Human Library” which we hold once a month and which features 6 ‘books’ which people can ‘sign out’ for a period of 20 minutes. It is a great way to get to know our fellow Kamloopsians.

Participated in a number of ways in the Ajax Mine fight – from letter to minister to participation in tours, fora, etc. Mostly on individual basis.

Purchased a new canopy for our outdoor activities.

Canada Day activities at Farmers’ Market – Book sale, Canadian trivia contest, tabling, Crokinole demonstration,

Used our contacts list to good effect in getting out information for other groups.

Held all-candidates’ forum for Federal Election. Well-attended

Held debate on ‘Parkade in the Park’ between two councillors. Well- attended

Held Municipal Election forum at Farmers’ Market. Great turn-out

36th Annual ‘Kamloops Walk for Peace, Social Justice, & the Environment’ – Organized, planned & executed. Great Day.

Win!! City installed public drinking fountain outdoors at Farmers’ Market location. Not the ‘public art’ version they’d talked about, but a fountain nonetheless. And since our request for banning bottled water two years ago, they have been moving forward on making public water more readily available through bottle-filling stations and drinking fountains in more public buildings.

Took a delegation to Council again this month requesting that Kamloops become a ‘Blue Community’ – mixed results.

10,000 Villages Fair Trade Craft Sale. Our annual fund-raiser. We had to find a new venue, but it turned out great anyway.

Participated in Kamloops Labour Coalition Labour Day festivities in the park.

Have been networking with BCCIC – BC Council for International Cooperation. We share contacts and support for our individual projects & campaigns.