What a Mississauga Electrician Will Say About Electrical Panel Upgrades

What a Mississauga Electrician Will Say About Electrical Panel Upgrades

How many electrical appliances do you have in your home? Probably not one, two, or even three. There are many of them. Technology has really been changing so fast and you find that new, more-efficient gadgets are coming into the market. It is likely that you have installed newer versions of these appliances. That’s pretty cool, but wait a minute! When was the last time you changed the panel or upgraded it? You have no idea, you’ve never upgraded it. The electrical panels you use in your apartment or home have remained the same for decades. This is what an Mississauga Electrician area will tell you about panel upgrades:

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  • People don’t Take them Serious

If you can upgrade your appliances, why wouldn’t you do that to the electrical panels? Just look around… can you see that you have installed modern TVs, refrigerators, and microwaves. Yes, that is the reality, but one mistake you are making is not upgrading the electrical panel. An electrical panel provides the energy source for the gadgets you have in the house including the lighting fixtures. The panel consists of wires and switches designed to make sure that every appliance gets the required voltage so that it operates fully. The electrical panel may not be able to meet the demand if you have added more appliances, so you need a newer one with more capacity.

  • People don’t Know When to do Panel Upgrades

Okay, you know that an electrical panel upgrade involves changing the existing panel to install a new one that can meet the electrical demand for your home. Upgrading the panel not only optimizes but also updates the breakers, switches, and wiring. It ensures that all the appliances in the home can get the electricity they need to run safety and optimally. It may not come as a surprise that many homeowners do not know when it is the right time to upgrade their electrical panel. So when is an upgrade due?

If you want to install large devices like refrigerators and stoves, you want to get an equivalent electrical panel to support those equipment. If the lights are flickering or short circuiting, then an upgrade of the panel is necessary. An electrical panel that is more than 20 years and hasn’t been upgraded needs to be changed. Again if the home is old, say 25 years old or so, an upgrade of the electrical panel is imminent.

  • It’s Risky to Hire Unqualified Individuals to Install them

You cannot let an unqualified individual to install an electrical panel. They may not know the correct size you need. Standard panels provide 100 to 800amps of power depending on your energy needs. You can make additions to circuits when you upgrade the panel. If the panel isn’t installed properly you risk damaging your pricey appliance. You also risk having a home fire that can be very devastating. Having the wrong electrical panel may not allow you to operate your new appliances.

The best thing a homeowner can do is hire only qualified, licensed, and insured Mississauga Electrician area to take care of their electrical installation, repair, inspection, or maintenance needs.