Negative Effects Of Failing To Test Toronto Network Cabling

Negative Effects Of Failing To Test Toronto Network Cabling

You have purchased new cables for installation, or you want to troubleshoot the existing cabling system. A universally agreed best practice in telecommunications industry is that Toronto Network Cabling must be inspected and tested during and after installation. Although this is a norm in telecommunications industry, some businesses ignore it or because of low financial resources they are unable to hire a professional cable installer to test the cabling. Since a cabling system is the life blood that supports critical mission applications of your business, failing to test cabling will result in irreversible damage to your business. Some of the negative effects of failing to test cabling are:

Network slowdowns
There is nothing as depressing as when you are unable to get any work done because of slow network. Network slowdowns are usually caused by a number of reasons such as nature of network, bad adapters, network traffic and improper cabling. Of all these reasons the one that that is preventable is improper cabling because this is the initial step which if done well you will enjoy fast network and vice versa. Improper cabling can be as a result of poor workmanship on the part of the installer and as a customer, you can prevent this by ensuring data cabling test is part of the contract you sign. This will ensure you will not be surprised once the project is over and the installers are long gone.

Safety issues
Telecommunications Standards clearly highlights general safety procedures in construction, as well as electrical and rules for low voltage installations. Every professional cable installer must be conversant with these provisions. In case such provisions are ignored by your business, damaged cables will be installed as well as loose connections. These are sources of fire when they come in contact with electromagnetic waves.

Cost issues
In any venture you indulge, you have to be cautious about how your hard earned money is put to use. The same applies to network cabling and wiring. Before you settle for a contractor for the job, ensure that you have proof that the service providers meet the standard requirements. This you can access through reports of their past projects. Testing for proper cable installation should be part of the contract. Doing so will save you from wasting your financial resources.

On the other hand, failure to take heed will cost you, this is because you will be exploited by unprofessional installers who will do a below standard job. You will then be forced to hire a professional to carry out cable testing. Redundant wiring will be removed and new ones will require purchasing all over again.

Sometimes you may hire a network cabling company in toronto, which will turn out to be your worst nightmare as they will leave you more problems than you had before. This is because after the installation process they ignored to test it for compliance and now after the project is done, you still cannot access fast and reliable network. To avoid such situations always ensure your service provider meets the standards in the market and has cable testing as part of their package.