Ways Electrical Contractors Toronto Can Assist In Home Improvements

Ways Electrical Contractors Toronto Can Assist In Home Improvements

For anyone connected to the electrical grid electricians are an absolute necessity in life. But most of the time the use of electricians is limited to installing, repairing and wiring. However electrical contractors  Toronto can also come in handy when making home improvements. This is mainly by upgrading the electrical system of a home to one that’s modern, safe and capable of meeting the needs of the dwellers adequately. If you are thinking of upgrading your home’s electrical setup look no further than electricians Toronto to help you meet your needs.

Electrical home improvement tasks

Home improvement tasks of an electrical nature mainly involve upgrading from an older technology to a modern one that’s safer and more efficient. These are mainly:
– Changing from the old fuse system to a modern circuit breaker system.
– Replacing an aged wiring setup with a new one.

Swapping fuses with circuit breakers

One of the most commonly misused terms with regards to electrical systems is ‘fusebox’. A lot of times it is used to refer to circuit breakers but this is clearly wrong since a fuse is different from a circuit breaker. For one fuses are an old technology while circuit breakers are a more recent invention. Fuses are thus more likely to be found in older houses.

Prior to circuit breakers coming onto the scene all electrical appliances, outlets, lights and lighting fixtures were connected to the very same panel. Inside this panel were several fuses. The fuses worked just like the light bulbs of old – operating till the filament contained inside gave up and burned out. They would then replaced and the cycle would continue.


Circuit breakers have however since then come to the rescue. So for homes that still have fuses an obvious electrical home improvement project would be swapping fuses for the hassle-free circuit breakers. The advantages are obvious and are not restricted to just catching up with the times but also introducing better electrical load control. This is because the electrical load is reduced on each fuse and the power-intensive electrical appliances each get to have a circuit breaker that’s dedicated solely to them.

Rewiring as remodeling takes place

As a solo project rewiring does not make sense. This is because there’s the added cost of bringing down parts of walls in a bid to get to the wires. On top of that there will be the cost of redoing the walls. But rewiring begins to look more plausible and advantageous if there’s already a remodeling exercise going on. This is especially so for old houses whose wiring, if what was done originally is still intact, cannot meet modern regulatory codes. By rewiring an old house, you not only modernize the electrical system to handle modern needs but you also make your home safer. And if you are planning to sell it at some point rewiring raises its resale value since buyers are assured that they won’t need to fork out more in future to rewire in order to scale safety standards to a level they are comfortable with.

Electricians need not be viewed simply as technicians who come in sort out a problem; they can offer home improvement services too in their area of expertise. Electrician Toronto would be more than happy to upgrade and improve your home.